Alumni Roster

Below is a list of TORCH’s alumni. If any information is incorrect or if you don’t see your name, please send an email to

If you would like to contact a TORCH alum, please email

Congratulations TORCH CLASS OF 2014!
Khalimmat Adejumo (Benjamin Banneker)
Syracuse University  Undecided
Sabrina Anderson (Gramercy Arts H.S.)
Calah Broadnax (Gramercy Arts H.S.)
Hunter College Psychology
Midori Buntin (Gramery Arts H.S.)
Parsons  Illustration/English
Maiya Diao (Benjamin Banneker)
Virginia Commonwealth University Nursing
Delsy Espinoza (Lab H.S.)
Baruch College Marketing
Gina Fuchs (Lab H.S.)
University of Maryland, College Park                           Communications                                                     
Jennifer Huang (Landmark H.S.)
Pace University Undecided
Christina Mangroo (Benjamin Banneker)
New York University
Olamide Olowoyo (Benjamin Banneker)
George Washington International Politics
Shenell Renwick (Benjamin Banneker)
 Buffalo State Communications
Amy Wu (Landmark H.S.)
St. John’s University Undecided
Grace Zhen (Baruch H.S.)
Stony Brook University Biology
Sarika Carter (New Design H.S.)
College of Staten Island  Nursing
Xiao Ming Chen (Baruch H.S.)
John Jay College
Vivian Chow (Baruch H.S.)

Jeremy Diaz (Gramercy Arts)
New York City College of Technology Advertising
Ashley Hall (Baruch H.S.)
 Brooklyn College
Aaron Howard (Gramercy Arts)
Parsons The New School for Design Illustration
Lena Jacobs (Lab H.S.)
Heriberto Altieri (Humanities Prep)
 St. Johns  Marketing
Oliver Benezra (Lab H.S.)
Occidental College
Elizabeth Carrero (University Neighborhood H.S.)
New York City College of Technology
Wendy Chen (Baruch H.S.)
 SUNY Buffalo  Undecided
Maggie Louie (Baruch H.S.)
Marieme Sall (Baruch H.S.)
Williams College
 Political Science
Rebecca Wong (Baruch H.S.)
Omoailue Agans-Oliha (Baruch Campus H.S.)
Indiana University Marketing Major
Raymond Camacho (B.R.E.C. H.S.)
LaGuardia Community College Pre-Vet Technician Major
Qian Yi (Baruch H.S.)
Pace University

Andy Chia (B.R.E.C. H.S.)
Queens Community College Engineering Major
Sammy Dane (Lab H.S.)
Babson College Business Major
Willy Fung (B.R.E.C. H.S.)
City College Pre-Med
Kayleen Garcia (Lab H.S.)
Manhattan College
Communications Major
Sophia Henriquez (Lab H.S.)
Hamilton College Education & Business Majors
Lola Kelleher (Lab H.S.)
Oberlin College

Benji Schmutzer (Lab H.S.)
University of Michigan
Alice Severs (Lab H.S.)
Wesleyan University

David Shatan-Pardo (Lab H.S.)
Yale University
Taiquan Wells (B.R.E.C. H.S.)
Borough of Manhattan Community College
Liberal Arts Major
Hui Lin (Baruch H.S.)
Interior Design
Camille Crawford (Gramercy Arts H.S.)
Pace University Visual Arts Major
Ewelina Czajkowska (Baruch Campus H.S.)
St. John’s University Business Major
Kilsys Gomez (Gramercy Arts H.S.)
NYC College of Technology Graphic Design & Nursing Majors
Naomi Legros (Baruch Campus H.S.)
Tufts University English & American Studies/History Majors
Karlene Liranzo (Gramercy Arts H.S.)
Art Institute Graphic Design Major
Wesley Lum (Baruch Campus H.S.)
Ursinus College Business & Economics Majors
Nilay Tuncok (Baruch Campus H.S.)
Boston University Political Science Major
Sasha Zaitzev (Millennium H.S.)
Pratt Institute Advertising Major                                       
Tenaisha Abrams (Gramercy Arts H.S.)
Academy of Art University Motion Pictures & Television Major
Kawana Barbour (Gramercy Arts H.S.)
Kingsborough Community College Graphic Design Major
Lucas Brody (Lab H.S.)
University of Michigan Communications & Spanish Major
Meisha Cole (B.R.E.C. H.S.)
Five Towns College Mass Communications Major
Vanessa Johnson (Baruch H.S.)
Brooklyn College Psychology Major
Bernadette Mahoney (Baruch H.S.)
Sarah Lawrence College
Liberal Arts Major
Harris Meyers (Lab H.S.)
Ithaca College Integrated Marketing Communications Major
Caroline Mosley (Lab H.S.)
University of Miami Political Science & Entrepreneurship Majors
Victoria Prudhomme (Gramercy Arts H.S.)
College of Staten Island Advertising Major
Jason Sherman (Lab H.S.)
New York University Advertising & Marketing Majors
Adam Simms (Lab H.S.)
Pratt Institute
Graphic Design Major
Sophia Bernard (Lab H.S.)
Syracuse University Television, Radio & Film Major
Michael Blaustein (Lab H.S.)
SUNY Albany Political Science Major
Jin Xiu Chen (Baruch H.S.)
Barnard Architecture Major
Sherry Chen (Baruch H.S.)
Baruch College Accounting Major
Vivian Choi (Baruch H.S.)
University of Rochester Brain & Cognitive Science Major
Kerim Joseph (Washington Irving H.S.)
South Carolina State University Mass Communications Major
Dan Sha Li (Baruch H.S.)
SUNY Binghamton Biochemistry Major
Candy Lui (Baruch H.S.)
Baruch College Marketing Major
Ronald Rojas (Lab H.S.)
University of North Carolina International Business & Marketing Majors
Jesse Weinstein (Lab H.S.)
Dickenson College                                  Psychology Major
Ernestine Belgrave (Lab H.S.)
SUNY Buffalo Public Communications Major
Raushauna Braithwaite (Washington Irving H.S.)
Fashion Institute of Technology
Jessica Capellan (Humanities H.S.)
Fordham University Psychology Major
Jaz Cox-Gibbs (Washington Irving H.S.)
City Tech Advertising Major
Daniel Deschamps (Washington Irving H.S.)
SUNY Purchase
Kyla Jacobs (Lab H.S.)
Colby College
Genera Nelson (Humanities H.S.)
St. John’s Public Relations Major
Melanie Rolon (Humanities H.S.)
City College Medical Education Major
Nathalia Rosario (Humanities H.S.)
CUNY York College Child & Bilingual Education & Spanish Major
Eric Sherman (Lab H.S.)
New York University Film Major
Nicole Smith (Washington Irving H.S.)
Fashion Institute of Technology Fashion Design Major
May Wong (Lab H.S.)
Columbia University Economics Major
Yuan Yuan (Lab H.S.)
Barnard College East Asian Language & Culture Major                     
Francis Carrero (Humanities H.S.)
Syracuse University Communications & Rhetorical Studies Major
Andy Coste (Washington Irving H.S.)
Rutgers University Visual Arts Major
Ashley Crawford (Washington Irving H.S.)
Fashion Institute of Technology Fashion Major
Andy Deaza (Washington Irving H.S.)
Miami Ad School Advertising Major
Rosie Ettenhelm (Lab H.S.)
Mount Holyoke Studio Art Major
Joezette Joseph (Humanities H.S.)
Baruch College English Literature & Education & Psychology Majors
Aladee Rojas (Washington Irving H.S.)
Brooklyn College Television & Radio Major
Corey Sherman (Lab H.S.)
New York University Metropolitan Studies & Real Estate Majors
Joseph Tirado (Washington Irving H.S.)
SUNY Buffalo
Shiu Ann Woo (Lab H.S.)
SUNY Stony Brook Respiratory Care Major
Aileen Yu (Lab H.S.)
Rochester Institute of Technology                       
Maria Alonso (Lab H.S.)
Sarah Lawrence College Liberal Arts Major
Marie Butler (Washington Irving H.S.)
College of Staten Island

Cassandra Guzman (Lab H.S.)
Wentworth Institute of Technology  Architecture Major
Andrea Huska (Lab H.S.)
DePauw University Geology Major
Talia Jacoby (Lab H.S.)
Bunker Hill Community College
Santiago Melendez (Washington Irving H.S.)
Borough of Manhattan Community College
Isbel Vargas (Washington Irving H.S.)
Brooklyn College Political Science Major
Jennifer Vasquez (Lab H.S.)
Syracuse University Communications & Rhetorical Studies Major
Haytham Zohny (Lab H.S.)
Franklin & Marshall College   Business & Organizations & Society Majors       
Angel Arroyo (Washington Irving H.S.)
Parsons School of Design
Anastasia Georgoulis (Lab H.S.)
New York University
Cesar Isabel (Washington Irving H.S.)
Parsons School of Design
Chenique Reed (Washington Irving H.S.)
Columbus State
Shauna Torres (Unity H.S.)
Parsons School of Design
Rafael Barinas (Washington Irving H.S.)
City College Mechanical Engineering Major
Steve Bryan (Washington Irving H.S.)
City College Political Science & Electrical Engineering Majors
Cherish Gonzalez (Washington Irving H.S.)
Barnard College Sociology & Education Major
Gui Lui (Washington Irving H.S.)
Georgetown University
Deborah-Lee Minaya (Lab H.S.)
Art Institute of New York Culinary Arts & Restaurant Management Majors
Helga Nyanoffer (Lab H.S.)
SUNY Cortland                                               
Kevin Chan (Lab H.S.)
SUNY Binghamton Economics Major
Nicole Clyne (Washington Irving H.S.)

Nordia Eldemire – Wright (Washington Irving H.S.)
Borough of Manhattan Community College
 Early Childhood Education
Danielle Fernandez-Warshawer (Lab H.S.)
SUNY Binghamton English Rhetoric, Communications & Art History Majors
Carolyn Luke (Washington Irving H.S.)
New York City College of Technology
Communications Design
Kirill Matusevich (Lab H.S.)
Penn State University
Orville Roachford
St. John’s University Graphic Design Major
Quintin Rodriguez – Harrison (Lab H.S.)
Borough of Manhattan Community College Multimedia Programming & Design Major
Anna Wong (Lab H.S.)
Columbia University
Economics & Political Science Majors
Verrion Wright (Washington Irving H.S.)
Lafayette College
Business, Economics & African Studies Majors
Laurance Yacub (Washington Irving H.S.)
SUNY Purchase Liberal Arts Major

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