About the Blog

The TORCH Alumni Network was created to bring the TORCH alumni community together to share ideas, news and experiences after the TORCH years. This blog will explore issues, ask and answer questions about college life and the professional world, as well as share updates on alumni life and projects.

The Home page is for announcements on special opportunities, events, and TORCH updates. Posts will also included those related to tabs Alumni in College and Alumni in the Workforce.

The College Life page is all about the college life. Here is your chance to share your views on majors & programs, classes, participating & joining organizations (academic, professional, Greek, etc), finances & budgeting…and much more. Alumni will also be able to reflect on the experiences they’ve had during their college years.

The Professional Advice page is dedicated to those who have completed their academic careers and are heading to the professional world. There will be a chance for general discussion and advice on career paths, job hunting, resume/cover letter/portfolio and reflections on life after college.

The Updates page is a place where alumni can see and read about the projects the current TORCH students are working on.

Alumni who are interested in writing a blog entry contact Francis Carrero (blog administrator) at torchalum@gmail.com.

About the Administrator

3Francis C. Carrero received her B.S. from Syracuse University, where she majored in Communications and Rhetorical Studies and minored in Sociology and Strategic Management. After graduating from Syracuse University she interned at The TORCH Program, which led to a full time position as the Director of Programming. Francis is a Prescott Fund Scholar, a 2013 ADCOLOR Future, and is featured on Ain’t I Latina’s? Everyday Chica Series. Francis is very passionate about creating change within diversity and inclusion in the communications and the arts industries.


About the Founder

Jennifer C. Vasquez helped create and design the TORCH Alumni Blog as a way for the TORCH alumni community to keep in contact with TORCH and each other.

Jennifer’s first year with TORCH was spent with participants creating an advertising campaign for HairDye, with guidance from WUNDERMAN. The following year, she enjoyed working on the production of MUSICFEST 2004, assisting the Director (Anastasia Georgoulis).  Her third year at TORCH, she was excited to take the role of Co-Director of MUSICFEST 2005, joining forces with Co-Director Santiago Melendez and the MUSICFEST 2005 production, marketing and technical crew to make it an outstanding event.

After TORCH Jennifer went on to receive a B.S. in Communications and Rhetorical Studies from Syracuse University (School of Visual and Performing Arts) in 2005.  She is currently working as an Account Coordinator for the Corporate Multicultural Communications team at Porter Novelli. She has also worked on several projects which included creating a TORCH (Alumni) social media network, and volunteering at the NY Latino Film Festival. She is also a recipient of the 2009 TORCH L.I.G.H.T. Award, which acknowledges excellence in Leadership, Inspiration, Guidance, Heart and Teaching, for her ongoing support of the program.

Aside from being very passionate about her work in multicultural and diversity initiatives with Porter Novelli she also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


TORCH (Together Our Resources Can Help) is dedicated to transforming the lives of under served New York City public high school students by providing intensive exposure to career training and opportunities in communications and the arts, all while facilitating a meaningful way of increasing the diversity of the workforce in those industries.




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