Meet the Greek by Caroline Mosley

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CarolineMosleyAs a TORCH alumna, I never knew how much my experience in TORCH would affect my college years. The hands on experience and dynamic projects TORCH students work on led me to seek something more out of my experience at the University of Miami. At many colleges, you can find any club and organization you can imagine, but, in my personal experience, the best decision I made was to join Greek life at “The U” and become a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.

Being a member of a Greek organization exposes you to several facets of the professional world: marketing, recruitment, event planning, finance management, administrative duties, fundraising and networking. You can choose to be as involved as you want either by holding a position on the Executive Board or by participating as a general member. As a TORCH member, I visited several advertising agencies in New York, learned from many communications professionals and worked with high school students from different parts of the city. Those experiences helped build my confidence, and before I knew it I was applying to be on the Executive Board my first year in Alpha Delta Pi.

Each position taught me something different. I started off as Panhellenic Delegate, the liaison between Alpha Delta Pi and the rest of the sorority community at Miami. It is essential to network and collaborate with other sorority members in order to grow and learn different approaches to chapter operations. The following year brought new challenges. Recruitment Vice President dealt with marketing to several audiences in order to build a strong Alpha Delta Pi brand and ensure the successful recruitment of a new class. On the recruitment team is Philanthropy Chair, and as a Political Science major and Entrepreneurship minor I wanted to explore a field related to my career interest in social entrepreneurship. I had the opportunity, as Philanthropy Chair, to coordinate three fundraising initiatives and raise money for the families at Ronald McDonald House Charities.

             In my Senior year I knew that there was still so much more I could learn from Alpha Delta Pi and Greek life. I applied to be a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi and was jet setting around the United States a few months later. Leadership Consultants travel to Alpha Delta Pi collegiate chapters all across the U.S. and Canada helping them with officer training, chapter operations, and leadership development. Traveling from California to Mississippi has opened my eyes to a huge network of sisters I can not only support, but also learn from.

This network will stay with me for the rest of my life, and I realize now that so will the TORCH alumni network. It is important to stay connected to the organizations we become a part of, like TORCH, by staying up to date on how the organization is developing and building personal connections with other alumni. I look forward to learning from and sharing stories with many more TORCH alumni!


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