Content Services & Product Management Internship

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Content Services & Product Management Internship



Software Development, Information Services, Real Estate


Onboard Informatics is looking for an intern for its Content Services and Product Management departments in research and content management.  The internship will focus on content source research and evaluation and provide opportunity to gain experience with product management and content development processes and strategy.

Onboard is widely recognized as a premier content provider to Real Estate and Media companies.  Interns will have the opportunity to learn how our organization identifies content sources / partners and then plans and executes cleansing, transformation and aggregation routines to power our content products and services.  You’ve seen our content on numerous real estate sites (, and media stories (


The intern may participate in:

  • Identification and evaluation of new sources for content integration
    • Topics
    • Coverage (geography)
    • Coverage (depth / breadth)
    • Accuracy
    • Currency
    • Format / Ease of Use
    • Documentation
    • Evaluate opportunities to expand Onboard data coverage
    • Assist with development of quality control procedures
    • Ensuring consistency of data within databases
    • Research in files and database to update old information
    • Other responsibilities dependent upon experience

Sample Projects

Research:  Onboard has opportunities to provide content related to Real Estate in Europe to a Fortune 500 company.  This project includes identifying and validating data sources, creating a summary content profile, and providing information to establish likely sourcing and project costs.

Quality Control Procedures:  Onboard has recently acquired additional public records from new sources.  This project focuses on profiling this content to identify:  strengths and weaknesses; relationship to existing Onboard content; transformations, enhancements and processes needed to meet establishes quality expectations.  Opportunity exists to participate in developing and executing on these processes.


Applicants must possess strong knowledge and experience with one or more of the following:

  • Databases, data formats, data processing, data analysis
  • Research, analysis and summarization

Applicants will have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to how our organization:

  • Uses and develops business processes
  • Evaluating opportunities using a decision matrix
  • Identifies and executes against opportunities for process improvement

Applicants must exhibit:

  • Strong Organizational skills
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Ability for independent thought and action
  • Ability to prioritize

How to Apply:

If you’re motivated and enthusiastic about this exciting opportunity, please submit your resume/letter of interest to for consideration.


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