Summer Internship Opportunity for College Students at TOP ADVERTISING AGENCY Euro RSCG!

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If Oprah & Martha Stewart can do it, so can you!  Using social media, create a mini virtual magazine describing YOU, incorporating 3 components: a) Cover Page b) Table of Contents and c) Feature Story.

Feature Story Topics (Please Choose One)
As the host of a fundraising concert, discuss: a) the cause your concert will benefit, b) the performer you’ve selected to perform and c) the strategy behind your advertsing campaign to ensure a successful event.

Select a health issue that you believe needs more publicity and find a way to: a) raise awareness and b) how to promote healthy ways of coping with the issue to your generation y target audience.


All presentations must:

* Be presented via a social media outlet
* Less than (5) minutes long
* Address the strategy behind the presentation
* Be submitted to by Friday, February 10, 2012

Qualified applicants are currently enrolled in college and email their
résumés, cover letter and virtual experience by the submission deadline.

Contest Website with full details:!


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