Draftfcb Upcoming Internship Opportunity

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Draftfcb is taking interns for this coming summer! The internship will be from June 6th to mid – August under Draftfcb Healthcare. The internship will be paid and will include weekly luncheons and interactive projects.

Draftfcb has worked with a numerous amount of clients worldwide. Their New York offices have worked on Gerber and “The Gerber Generation” campaign and the National Youth Anti – Drug Media Campaign with the “Ordinary People Campaign” for Above the Influence.

To learn more about Draftfcb and view more of their work check out their website at http://www.draftfcb.com/home.aspx .

Internship Requirements

  • Must be a rising junior, senior or recent graduate.
  • Must submit a resume, cover letter and an essay.

Let us know if you are interested in this internship so we can put in a good word for you! If you need help working on your resume or cover letter feel free to contact Francis Carrero at francis@thetorchprogram.org.

Stay tuned for more information on the deadline and required essay for this internship.


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