TORCH TIP THURSDAY: Buy Your Books for a Bargain!

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As an undergrad I remember spending up to $160 on a textbook for 1 course out of 5. To make matters worse, when it came to selling it back, it was only worth $50 (I actually kept that book). Purchasing books for school can be one of the most expensive parts of obtaining a higher education. What a Shame!

Most school bookstores are extremely and unnecessarily over priced! However, there are many ways that you can save money while purchasing books. Whether you’re purchasing books for school or for pleasure, from past experiences I can assure you that these tips are the most helpful in buying your books for a bargain!

1. Compare It! As soon as you receive your syllabus or know the books that you need to purchase, do a little research and compare their prices in different stores and on different websites. When comparing online to in store books make sure to factor in the shipping and handling costs of the books you find online.

2. Buy It! You can buy new and used books online for great bargain prices! Websites like,, and offer big discounts on books/textbooks, some books are even sold for as little as $.50! and are also good sources to get rare or out of print books. When purchasing books online make sure you order them as soon as possible so they arrive in time for your courses. Keep in mind that used books are cheaper than new ones! These are also great websites to sell any books you may no longer want.

3. Rent It! You can go on and rent your textbooks! It’s so much cheaper than buying them and every time you rent a book from they plant a tree for you! also gives you the option of selling any textbooks you no longer want. Again, if you’re renting a textbook online make sure you do it in advance so that your books can arrive in time for your classes!

4. Borrow It! If you don’t have the budget to purchase your books, you can always borrow them. Go to your school or public library and borrow the books as long as you return them on time to avoid late fees. The library usually gives about 3 weeks to have the books, but you always have the option of renewing it as long as it’s available. Finally, ask around (post it on Facebook or Twitter) and see if you can find someone who has the book you need so you can borrow it from them.

Good luck with your courses and reading adventures! Make sure to leave us a comment on how you Buy Your Books for a Bargain!


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