TORCH TIP THURSDAY: “Party With Class this Holiday Season”

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As we get closer to the holiday vacations, company parties are well on their way. Some of you maybe looking forward to the holiday festivities, the mingling, and enjoying the spiked eggnog while others may be dreading the forced small talk and might simply want to go home. However, whether you want to embrace the holiday spirit at the office, or not, the way you act and your demeanor in general can make or break your career!

For some of you it is essential to remember that just because you are at a “party” doesn’t mean you can act the same way around your colleagues as you do around your friends and family. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having fun, but just know when to draw the line! In a story by, “A poll by Adecco, a staffing company, found that 20 percent of people surveyed had too much to drink at a work holiday party and 14 percent say they know someone who was fired for their behavior at a holiday party.”

If celebrating the holiday season with your colleagues isn’t your cup of tea, or in this instance cup of eggnog, keep in mind that this can be a great opportunity for you to make connections and even grow within your company!

Below I’ve included a few tips that I hope will influence you to party with class this holiday season and hopefully give you a push up the corporate ladder!

1. Dress Appropriately. You are going to an office holiday party, not a club. Refrain from wearing outfits that show to much cleavage or are too tight. Remember you are still in a professional setting with your colleagues. If you want to make a fashion statement do so with the colors and patterns you wear and/or by accessorizing.

2. Don’t Abuse the Booze! Most office holiday parties have open bar, but that doesn’t mean you need to have unlimited drinks. Know what your limits are! You don’t want to wake up the next morning with a hang over not knowing you were passed out on the floor or seeing a picture of you dancing on a table in the holiday office album. Some people even end up fired and/or with a court case because they went overboard flirting with coworkers or being disrespectful. The way you act under the influence can negatively and drastically change your image. Finally, don’t drink and drive and if you’re under 21 don’t even think about consuming alcohol. 

3. Watch What You Say! During holiday office parties you are in a less uptight and relaxed environment but that doesn’t mean you can go around being vulgar or gossiping about your coworkers.  You can get a little personal when talking with your colleagues but don’t get too personal.  Also, this is not the time to complain about work or personal issues, talk about the economy or about getting a promotion. Finally, office parties are not the time to try and hook up with that coworker you’ve had your eye on.

4. Make this an Opportunity for Yourself. Office holiday parties are a great time to catch up with coworkers you haven’t spoken to in a while, get to know those you hardly talk to and simply network! In an interview with CBS, Nicole Wilson, a career expert, advises people to introduce themselves to others and make an impact. After you’ve networked and made connections remember to follow up with them.

5. Be Careful Who You Bring! If you RSVPed plus one, to the company holiday party, make sure they don’t go wild. According to MSNBC, “Often times, the ruckus at company parties is caused by the guest of an employee, according to employment lawyers who have litigated post-party sexual harassment claims. The problems sometimes stem from a guest not understanding the culture at a company. So it’s a good idea to have a chat with your date on what’s acceptable behavior. “

Remember that the best way to party is the classy way!

Leave us your tips and/or stories on what not to do during office parties!

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