I’ll Tell You Why I DO LIKE MONDAYS!

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Mondays are usually the day of the week dreaded by many, it signals the end of the weekend and can really be a drag. However, Monday, Oct 4th, was a day so many people looked forward to from TORCH mentors, supporters, almuni, volunteers to even Lexi’s (past TORCH intern) parents joined us to “Cocktail for a Cause” at TORCH NightCAP!

Hosts Tiffany R. Warren of Omnicom and Coltrane Curtis of Team Epiphany filled the night with energy in the warm atmosphere of CV Lounge. Additionally, there was mouth watering Chinese style hors d’oeuvres (which I personally couldn’t get enough of), great music, amazing raffle and auction items, and best of all new and old TORCH faces brought everyone together to support the initiatives of TORCH!

TORCH NightCAPs are executed as a fundraiser for our program and it is also a time for all our supporters to network, our volunteers to further understand the importance and necessity of The TORCH program, and for our alumni to come back together and recap their TORCH memories and network too!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this TORCH NightCAP possible! If you weren’t able to make it, check out the photos from the event posted below. I hope to see you at the next NightCAP in a couple of months! Stay tuned for details…


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