Take a look at some of the pictures taken on the night of the TORCH Benefit and L.I.G.H.T. Awards…do you see yourself??

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The TORCH Benefit and L.I.G.H.T. Awards was a great night! Some of the pictures taken by the two professional photographers are posted at the following link. They took pictures of people walking in the red carpet (Oscar style) and several candid pictures of guests, sponsors, honorees and of course the TORCH participants and alumni talking about TORCH, themselves and their futures. If you don’t see yourself and you know a picture was taken of you and you want it, contact Debi to schedule a time to stop by the office and check out all the other photographs that were taken that didn’t make the link above.

And if you have pictures, burn them on a disc and send them over to Debi or post them on a website (flickr, kodax, etc) and send the link over to us. We would love to see all the pictures taken.



www.thetorchprogram.org www.twitter.com/TheTORCHPorgram


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