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Here is another great internship opportunity.

Position: Part Time Unpaid Interns, 15-20 hours per week.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Time: Spring Semester or Summer Semester, flexible

Company: Post Hoc Management

Description: You will help out with the day to day management of successful indie bands.  Tasks include scheduling, contacting press, advancing shows, updating social networking sites, etc.  It’s a dynamic job with different needs everyday.  We are a small company working with great bands.  You’ll get to experience much more than your average internship!

Interested? Email with a resume and a brief introduction of why you are interested in the internship.

Thanks for your help!

Tom Wironen

Post Hoc Management

320 7th Ave, #146

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Office: +1 718 369 4544

Fax: +1 718 369 4559

Mobile: +1 978 758 4084



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